About Us

It is not about us, it’s about you, our council members.

It’s about sharing expertise within a tight knit network. It’s about connecting people at the moment of need to help get work done, or advance career options.

The Learning Forum Executive Network is a member driven organization. Our members design their learning experience to meet their most urgent needs.

We have found that the insights that make a difference emerge from the daily work of leading practitioners that are not afraid of adversity. These leaders have often found that the best solutions come from within the most adverse situations. Supporting and connecting this experience creates an amazing network of problem solvers in their respective fields.

Trusted relationships are critical for these connections, and as such we focus on maintaining an environment that respects confidentiality. However, the need to 'share in confidence' can often constrain connections and make it harder to exchange new ideas. Charlene Li in an article entitled "State of Research & Consulting: The Smartest Network, Not People, Will Win" talks about how secrecy constrains engagement in consulting firms.

In our business model, boundaries actually work to support the exchange of solutions to the most challenging struggles.

So it is not about us, but rather it’s about you and building relationships with trusted colleagues -- the members of The Learning Forum Executive Network.

Executive Team

Our Learning Forum executive team is lead by former senior managers of large organizations that were prior members of The Learning Forum Councils themselves.

Brian Hackett, Founder/Owner
Office location:Greenlawn, NY
Email: bhackett@thelearningforum.org
References:Brian Hackett

Paul Bennett
Office location: Philadelphia, PA
References:Paul Bennett

Erick Thompson
Office location:Minnetonka, MN
Email: erick.thompson@thelearningforum.org
References:Erick Thompson

Anya Tomko
Office location:Short Hills, NJ
Email: anyatomko@thelearningforum.org
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