AI Strategy Working Group 

where leading executives share, solve, and succeed with AI

The AI Strategy Working Group -  a vetted network of senior executives committed to developing and deploying AI strategies within global organizations.


In the face of uncertainty, companies need a comprehensive AI strategy that seamlessly integrates with their business objectives while upholding responsible AI principles.  Executives need to navigate several important questions to mitigate risks, involve the C-suite, and unlock the power of generative AI.  Within this curated network, participants share valuable insights on creating an AI strategy to future-proof their organization.


  • Expand your expertise and grasp the full spectrum of capabilities offered by AI and automation.
  • Remain at the forefront of evolving customer and client expectations across various industries.
  • Share insights and learn from each other's AI implementation successes and challenges
  • Explore emerging tools and use cases
  • Engage with influential thought leaders in the AI space.



  • A global network that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and cross-industry perspectives.
  • Three IN-PERSON meetings a year are to be held in both the United States and Europe, ensuring convenient access and participation. 
  • Regular ONLINE meetings to connect with peers, learn from experts, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies. 
  • Ongoing polls and discussions to address emerging needs and keep the conversation alive between meetings.
  • Opportunities for members to network and form strong personal relationships, enabling them to collaborate and share knowledge beyond the working group.



Confidential peer discussions offer diverse perspectives and instant benchmarking  The agendas are member-driven to ensure the discussions are timely and relevant.

  • Strategic Alignment: Is your AI Strategy closely aligned with strategic business goals and corporate values? 
  • Cultural Alignment: Does your workforce have a shared understanding and belief in your company's vision for the future, the strategy to operationalize that vision, and their role in making that vision come to life?   
  • Strategic Foresight: Apply scenario planning to inform insights, long-term goals, and forward-thinking actions that align the workforce to the vision. 
  • Implementation: Share internal and client-facing use cases to embed AI technology deeply into the organization. Evaluate the ROI and establish metrics that need to be in place for successful implementation. 
  • Governance for Responsible AI: Share responsible AI principles, adoption practices, and guidelines to mitigate risks and avoid making uninformed decisions.  
    • What guardrails need to be in place so that you can navigate uncertainty and pivot your organizational strategy quickly?
  • Instant Benchmarking: Learn from other AI leaders on their successes and challenges.



In addition to organizing three face-to-face meetings in New York, Silicon Valley, and London, we have scheduled monthly calls for member firms. These calls aim to facilitate the exchange of insights, exploration of risks and opportunities, and discussions on practical AI use cases, ensuring successful implementation.

This is a unique opportunity to engage in strategic discussions with peers at the forefront of automation and AI in a trusted environment. 

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