FALL 2023

  • People Analytics + Skills Strategy // September 11-13 at Trane Technologies | A Leader in Climate and Sustainability in Davidson, NC
    • Agenda Topics:
      • Best practices and challenges in building a skills-based organization
      • Exploring the implications of AI on the workforce
      • Discussion on HRBP and COE Support Models
      • Measuring Success in People Analytics and Skills Strategy


  • Innovation + Foresight Council // October 17-19 in NYC at The Microsoft Garage - the company's worldwide innovation program and at Google Labs - an incubator created by Google to test and publicly demonstrate new projects.
    • The Agenda will focus on topics that are relevant to the ever-evolving technology landscape and the role of innovation in shaping the future.
      • Innovation, GenAI, Art of the Possible
      • Microsoft's innovation process and their approach to running successful hackathons
      • Google's Future of Work Demos: Project Starline and Google Workspace


  • CLO Council // November 1-2 in NYC for an in-person hackathon-style session where we will refine the problem statements and solutions that the CLO LIFT groups have been addressing. The topics are:
    • Surge the Skill
    • L&D Governance
    • Too Busy To Learn



  • Skills Strategy // at Workday in Dublin, Ireland


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  • Enterprise Learning Council // April 18-20, 2023 at Deloitte in NYC



  • Joint Council with CLOs, Talent Management, People Analytics, and Skill Strategy Councils // Tuesday, May 2 - 4, 2023 at Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia
    • Tuesday, May 2 // Joint Council dinner at Buddakan
    • Wednesday, May 3 // Full-day meeting at Comcast + Networking Dinner 
    • Thursday, May 4 // Half-day meeting at Comcast