A True Practitioners Group focused on real-world applications

Focused on Real-World Applications

“The Learning Forum facilitates candid conversations for members to share our real-world and sustained experience in deploying initiatives and implementation strategies in large organizations.”

“Discussions with my peers provide a valuable practitioner's point of view and help cut through all the noise.”

“Our virtual roundtable conversations continue to provide deeper insight while uncovering new areas of opportunity

The real magic of The Learning Forum is in the meaningful relationships they help foster.”

“There is a unique level of trust so that real sharing happens. Members tap into each other's experiences and practices to help get our work done.”

“Unlike other membership organizations, The Learning Forum is a true practitioners group”

The Learning Forum a research and networking organization for senior executives of large global companies and government organizations

A True Practitioners Group

Focused on Real-World Applications

Over 300 hundred companies are part of our trusted peer network

5 of the Fortune 10
25 of the Fortune 100
10 key government organizations