The council roundtables enable senior executives to learn directly from each other in small, face-to-face, confidential settings. Members learn how leading organizations outdistance their competition by tapping into their peers’ experiences to develop and share tools and practices that help get work done.

  • Learn from peers in a confidential, high-trust environment
  • Build strong relationships with peers and thought leaders through face-to-face meetings
  • Discuss emerging trends across a variety of disciplines
  • Enable the ability to conduct ad-hoc polls on hot topics and current issues.
  • Address tough issues through peer assistance to accelerate professional development.
  • Share real-world and sustained experience in deploying initiatives and implementation strategies in large organizations.
  • A learning experience designed to meet their most urgent needs.


  • Actionable knowledge and information on what really works and doesn't work.
  • Peer assistance on urgent projects, as well as long-term strategies


  • Immediate access to a network of industry leaders and top thought leaders for emerging ideas and business models.
sticly note
  • Replacement for research dollars. Membership helps reduce or eliminate expenses as there are 20+ peers available with deep practicing knowledge in similar work.


  • No cost, rapid and realistic benchmarking at the moment of need.