Linkedin Profile 2024

Meighan Hackett Poritz

Meighan Hackett Poritz spearheads a global network of senior executives, driving transformation through innovative problem-solving, shared insights, and collaborative experiences


As the Managing Director of The Learning Forum, Meighan oversees a trusted research and networking organization that fosters peer learning among 300+ leading companies and 10 key government organizations.  Her commitment to fostering executive-level knowledge sharing extends to private forums for those leading Innovation, Foresight, Talent Strategy, Leadership Development, Enterprise Learning, Workforce Analytics, Digital Workplace, Skills-Based Talent Strategy and AI Strategy.  


Meighan's leadership style transcends traditional networking roles; she emphasizes trust, collaboration, and continuous learning. Her unique approach not only provides a space for senior executives to connect and learn but also instills a sense of purpose and community.


Education has played a pivotal role in Meighan's journey, having earned a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and an MBA with a focus on Sustainable Business Practices. She honed her expertise as a specialist in designing enterprise-wide learning solutions during her tenure at Coach Inc. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Meighan has demonstrated her resilience by completing an Ironman triathlon, raising $10,000 for blood cancer research, and embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood with two energetic daughters.


Meighan Hackett Poritz is set to moderate a panel at the ASU + GSV conference on The Future of Learning and Development, where her wealth of experience and commitment to driving positive change in corporate landscapes will undoubtedly contribute to the conversation.