The CLO LIFT initiative unites Chief Learning Officers from major global firms to collaboratively tackle systemic problems. As practitioners and peers, they aim to propel the L&D industry toward greater impact and strategic relevance in the face of rapid technological advancements as well as foster a more cohesive, impactful, and sustainable learning ecosystem.


CLOs from 20 major organizations, in collaboration with our ecosystem partners, are generating thought leadership and shaping innovative perspectives. This narrative delves into the ramifications for the future of Learning and Development (L&D) and highlights the operational shifts necessary to remain pertinent.


What is CLO LIFT and Why Does It Matter? The Hidden Link Between L&D and Innovation download PDF  


  • Surging Skills - Upskilling needs to move at a speed equal to or greater than the pace of the business and markets.  This requires the ability to surge a skill as it becomes strategically critical, making a material difference in compressed time periods.


  • From Time to Value: Reframing the challenge of organizational learning—the need for a systematic approach to demonstrating value for the time invested in upskilling and aligning learning initiatives with business objectives.


  • Governance of Learning - the need to effectively govern learning, ensuring alignment with organizational goals, resource optimization,  and the scalability of a coherent learner experience.



CLO LIFT in the Media 


CLO LIFT Panel Session at GSV ASU

Date: Tuesday, April 16

Time: 3:40 – 4:20 PM 

Location: GSV ASU Stage






  • Shawna Erdman, SVP, Talent and Learning, Comcast 
  • Brian Hackett, CEO + Founder of The Learning Forum


CLO LIFT Panelists

  1. Noah Rabinowitz, VP of Talent Development at Commonwealth Fusion Systems 
  2. Lisa Christensen, Director of Learning Design Center of Excellence at McKinsey 
  3. Jean Ryan, Sr. Director of Learning at PepsiCo 
  4. Brandon Carson, VP of Learning and Leadership at Starbucks



We extend our gratitude to our ecosystem partners, St. Charles Consulting Group, Ariel Group, Attensi, and Abilite for their unwavering commitment as genuine thought collaborators.  Their active participation in addressing crucial issues and striving for solutions has been instrumental in the success of our endeavors.


A special appreciation goes out to the Chief Learning Officers who have generously invested their time, expertise, and dedication to collaborate, research, write, and address these pressing issues. The collective thought work undertaken by Abbvie, BMS, Colgate-Palmolive, Comcast, DaVita, Ingka Group IKEA, Intuit, Key Bank, Liberty Mutual, Marsh McLennan, Mastercard, McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, Sanofi, Starbucks, Takeda, Visa holds immense value in our shared mission.


We also extend our gratitude to Eric Dingler, Retired Managing Director, CLO Deloitte US, and Mike Ohata, Retired CLO KPMG, for their invaluable contributions.


Lastly, we acknowledge McKinsey's research support under the leadership of Heather Stefanski, which has been pivotal in advancing our mission. Together, with the support of these remarkable individuals and organizations, we are making strides toward meaningful solutions.