AI Strategy Working Group

In a landscape where AI Strategy transcends business units, The Learning Forum is thrilled to introduce a trusted peer group to facilitate knowledge sharing on effective AI implementation. 1. On March 6th, join us for a guest discussion with Kian Katanforoosh, Stanford CS Lecturer, as he shares insights on Skills & AI. 2. Mark your […]

Leader Development Council

Yesterday, The Learning Forum launched a Leader Development Council, for senior leaders from prominent global corporations and government entities to exchange valuable insights and experiences.  🌐 Here’s why focusing on leader development is a game-changer for organizations in the age of AI, automation, and constant change: At The Learning Forum, we believe that investing in […]

Gratitude for a Network of Passionate Leaders

The Learning Forum In our executive peer networks, we come together in a confidential, high-trust environment to share, learn, and grow. The power of face-to-face meetings is unparalleled, allowing us to build strong relationships with peers and thought leaders. These connections mean so much to us all! In the spirit of gratitude, we appreciate the […]