The Learning Forum‘s Innovation and Foresight Council is a peer group that enables senior executives to learn directly from each other in small, face-to-face, confidential settings. It is an eclectic mix of experiences from leading organizations.

We meet monthly via Zoom and convene in person a few times annually. The most recent gathering was at SXSW and are planning one at P&G’s annual Innovation Summit on July 17th. Additionally, we’re in the process of arranging our September meeting at the Navy War College in Providence, RI.

In the past we have met at Plug & Play, Google Labs, Microsoft Garage, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell Tech, MIT Media Lab, The Pentagon, NAVY SEALs, and many corporate and university innovation centers and incubators. 

The Council members share experiences and solutions on:



Americo, Amway, BCG, Brooks, CDC, Hallmark, P&G, State Farm, General Mills, General Motors, HCA, Hiller, Mars, NATO, Sherwin Williams, State Farm, Tyson, TIAA, US Navy SEALs, and Willis Towers Watson.

Contact [email protected] to learn more.